Learning Life with the Nature and Message of the Tree

Voice Of Theage - Why do leaves fall and fall from the tree? Is he no longer wanted by trees? Or does he not want to be with the tree anymore? Or is the wind jealous of him who always fists on the tree and does not want to go far so that the wind tries to blow him so that he falls? It's that true? The reality is not. Falling and falling leaves are not caused by all these things. But the leaves that fall and fall are caused by the leaves being ready and willing to leave the tree to serve it. Then does the tree just let go? Certainly, the tree is not as lively as that. Because if he let go of one leaf means the same as he must try to raise one more leaf to help him. But why does the leaf have to be released and the tree must give up?

Learning Life with the Nature and Message of the Tree

This is because the tree knows that the leaves it has raised have entered the period in which it will devote itself. The tree has understood that the leaves it will raise later will have tasks to carry. The tree understands that later, he will feel lost. But from all that there is what the tree hopes for the leaf later if he has been released from it. The leaf can carry out the tasks assigned to it so that the leaf can be said to have served the tree. Then what is the task of the leaf?

The leaf that is released does not necessarily fall and float in the air. The tree drops the leaf with the aim that the leaf can later melt and blend with the soil. So that the leaves can meet the needs of the land. Lau, what's in it for the tree? He gives up something that is valuable to him but has no benefit for him. He seemed to let go just like that and did not get anything from what he had done so far.

Actually, the statement is not true. The tree allows the leaves to lose and melt to the ground is not without any purpose and cause. The tree does that so the leaf and he can repay the land's services. The tree realizes that it means nothing without the land. The tree understands that he will not be able to grow leaves and raise them if he is not helped by the soil. He cannot do much and benefit the surroundings if he is not given substances by the soil. So he wants to reply to it all and teach the leaf that he did not live by himself. He is not big and grows by itself. Therefore the tree hopes that the leaf it raises can repay the services it has received and can devote itself.

Moral message

What lessons can be drawn from the text above? Who is that tree? Who is that leaf? And who is the land? In our lives, we can say the tree like a parent. Yes, parents are raising their children. Did you know when you were born? Your parents are ready for what they will face later. They already understand and understand that the child they are born with will grow up and have their own way of life. They know and know that. But are they ready for that? The answer is certainly no, but behind the word no they have to give up. Because they know that the child they raised has their own duties and obligations

But all parents must have hope, just as the tree that has the hope that the leaves it raises can benefit the soil. Because the ground is a place to stand and live. Likewise, with parents, they also hope that the child they raise will someday benefit the community. Because he realized that they lived in the community. So, if their children are beneficial to society it will certainly benefit them as well. This is like the saying "Whoever sows the one who will harvest". Parents hope that what is sown to bear good fruit so that it becomes a field of help for him to live in society and to be made a report when returning to the creator.

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