Love and Lust | Difference between Sincerity and Desire

Love and lust - the word love is certainly not a taboo anymore for today. Maybe for developing countries like Indonesia itself, the word love is common to be heard why not, even this love has penetrated children or generations who have not entered puberty, but they have been doing love activities. But the word or love itself does not become a taboo for people who consider themselves adults. But for you lovers of love, is the love that you give and enjoy is true love? Or is it just mere passion based on love?

Love and Lust | Difference between Sincerity and Desire


Many say that love and lust are not very different and have very thin walls as well as hate. Until now many people cannot define the word true love, everyone has their own meaning and meaning about love, and so do I. Love, in my opinion, is lust made with kind words. Well, when you fall in love you will see and feel something in your heart but you say it as a sincere feeling. Even though the truth is only sadistic lust. Then is there no sincere love? The answer is definitely there. Then how do you distinguish between love and lust? We can distinguish them through behavior.


1. Don't Look at Anything

There is no wrong word for seeking attention and being the center of attention. But if you really love then the wall between appearance and manner is not a barrier anymore. Many people become partners which according to others they are not compatible with each other, both in terms of physical and other things. But love does not see that at all.

2. Showing What It Is

Lust always pushes people to display all models of goodness so that others judge it well. But in contrast to love, love does not display goodness alone to make people feel happy or accentuate themselves. Love is more about showing what he has to be an advantage. Besides that lust also deceives us in choosing. Lust is more blinding so we only choose someone who we think is perfect in shape.

3. Eye Stare

Feelings issued by someone can also be seen from the way he looked, someone who really has love then will look at his partner with a calm feeling. Generally, this view only leads to the face. But unlike those who lust, then their views will be focused on the body and also emit an aura or a feeling of wanting to have that strength.

4. Bring Your Partner Into His Life

Someone who is truly in love then he will not be awkward to bring you into his life, he will not be ashamed to introduce you to his environments like family, friends, and close friends. In contrast to him who only just lust, he will always close yourself and keep you away from his family. He even gets awkward when he meets his friend when together with you.

5. Desire

Unlike the case with lust, love has a desire that is farther ahead and he is more focused on change and self-improvement. It turns into a better person to prepare for and lead a harder and more challenging journey of life. In contrast to lust that is only filled with the desire for two and satisfy each other's desires without exception. Lust is also not sensitive to change, he only thinks about the closeness between the two of them and often forgets little things that should really be considered when it really loves. Namely desire and hope.

Written By: Dunia Ilmu

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