Learn About Life With The Pencil Life Philosophy

MOTIVATION - Who does not know "Pencil". A pencil is stationery that we usually use in our daily lives. Although currently, its popularity has begun to be defeated by "Pen" and also "Technology". However, despite its popularity, it has been defeated. We can still see and learn from the "Pencil". What can we learn from a "pencil"? Next, I will explain what lessons we can learn and model from a "pencil"

Learn About Life With The Pencil Life Philosophy

Learn About Life With The Philosophy of Pencil Life

Willingness for others

The first lesson we can take from a pencil is the willingness of the beanbag. Many in today's life people do not want to sacrifice for others. They are more concerned with themselves and their own success. But that is very contradictory to the philosophy of pencil life.

A pencil is used by someone to write and is commonly used in education. In Indonesia, elementary school children are usually not allowed to write using a pen, but they have to use a pencil. Why does this apply? The answer is as clear as it is so that the wrong child's writing can be corrected.

Then where is the voluntary nature of a pencil that we can study and study? That is when the pencil that wants itself in the expression and use. Even when he is used, the scratches are not necessarily appreciated. Some erase scratches from the pencil only because of their own mistakes. But the pencil himself never protested about this. Not because he could not speak, but because he knew his job. Even when he was finished he would not regret it, this was because he felt his life was useful. So that he runs out with pride.

Then, to whom can we see the nature of this pencil? Is there really someone who acts like a pencil in real life? Isn't that impossible. Because there is no way anyone would want to spend his body on someone else. However, that answer is not impossible, because there are people in this real-life who behave like a pencil. Who is the person ???

Does Anyone Act Like a Pencil ??

The question that should be asked here is not "Are their people who are like a pencil". But are you able to behave like a pencil in life?

If you want to know, is there anyone who acts like a pencil, then the answer is there and there must be. Then who is the person? People who behave like a pencil and you can see the first is the attitude of "Parents Who Love Their Children". Try to pay attention and you look carefully, really your parents are like a pencil. If we think for a moment and remember our parents' attitudes, we will feel that our parents behave like a pencil to us.

Starting from childhood, our parents have borne our own burden. Moreover, mothers who bear the pain to give birth to their children. When we grow up, our parents try to give us adequate food and nutrition. Maybe those of you who live inadequacy will not be seen as fatigue borne by your parents. But behind it all, there is a burden that they keep so that their children do not know. So great, old man

When we start as teenagers, our needs will increase. But what happened? Do you feel a lot of flaws, the answer is not possible. When your needs begin to increase, then your parents' efforts will also increase. What order? So that his child does not lack like him. Even in this case, some parents do not eat for their children to eat. Such is the sacrifice of parents.

As you grow older, your needs grow even greater. But parents will always try to fulfill what you want. Gratitude, you have worked, you can fulfill what you want by yourself. But parents will not immediately release the burden of their children just like that. They will keep something for their children if their children need sudden needs.

That's the old man, he always fights for the sake of his children and not selfish. He did not think about what happened to him later, the most important for him was "his son did not seem like it". Every parent always expects something good for their children, anyone and anyone. Indeed, there may be differences from each displayed and shown by parents in each circle. But you as a child do not assume that your parents are okay.

Retrieved Moral Message

In the above explanation, parents do not lose their lives in the bandage. But not directly parents are the same as sacrificing their bodies for their children. Once the pull should be, children who have experienced progress and get.

Written By: Dunia Ilmu

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