Motivational Change - The Doors of Reality That Always Open

Motivation - There used to be a story about a very legendary man, he was named Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini is a reliable master magician. He once said, "no prison door can lock him up, he can get out of any prison in the world". All he had to do was enter the prison with the clothes he was wearing. He continued saying "I only need an hour to get out of there, no problem". A very old prison in the South heard from Harry Houdini's statement, and they were interested in Houdini's challenge.

On that day, many people gathered outside the prison to wait for Houdini's action. With full confidence, Harry Houdini entered the prison in his full clothes and the judge closed. The first thing Houdini did was take off the suit he was wearing. After that Houdini opened his belt, it turns out that inside Houdini's belt is a 10-inch piece of steel wire. The wire is very strong and very flexible, making it easy for Houdini to use it while working. After that Houdini went straight to work, he tried to unlock the prison lock with the wire he had brought.

After 30 minutes, Houdini's previously so high trust slowly began to disappear. After an hour of work, Houdini had not been able to unlock the prison until he was sweating. Until the appointed time Houdini also could not open the door until he claimed to yield and shout. But after Houdini felt defeated and surrendered, the door opened. The door is open because the door is indeed not locked. That is not entirely correct, so what's wrong? In Houdini's mind, the door was completely locked and locked by a reliable person so he tried to open it. But which door would be unlocked if the door was indeed open? But that is what often happens in life THE POWER OF MIND is very strong in life.

How many people feel locked up, can't do this, can't do that. How many people feel that their lives have limits, but they don't. How often have you been trapped in your own MIND JAIL? Something is actually easy but because your mind says it's hard then you believe it's hard. There is a saying that says "WHEN WE HAVE BEEN DEFEATED THE ENEMY IN THEN THE ENEMY IS BEING OUT OF NO LONGER." Your mind is the most powerful enemy you have to face.

Your mind will always give suggestions, your mind will always give you many choices, even your mind will give you lies. You cannot do this, you cannot do that. You are not destined to be able to this, you are not meant to be able to do it, you cannot continue it anymore, everything is reaching its limits. They are all lies made of your own mind. How many impossible things have happened in life, so why do you always face impossible. We do have to thank our thoughts for giving us choices in life, but we also have the right to try to accomplish what we think we want.

Like Harry Houdini's story above, he said that he could open all the prisons in the world, but there was one prison he could not open, the prison of the mind. Actually, there is no possibility of a closed door. All the doors are open, but we are the ones who don't want to open and pass them. THEREFORE, THINGS WE SHOULD DO ARE THROUGH THE DOOR !!

Written By: Dunia Ilmu

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