Woman | What is a woman?

Motivation - There are many definitions of the word, but in female biology, it can be said to be an androgynous species because according to human biology it belongs to a type of animal.

Woman | What is a woman?

So is that a woman? It is really difficult to define the meaning of the word woman, because there are too many parables to represent it, from good to bad. Women can be defined as a symbol of beauty and beauty. But women can also be interpreted as negative things such as destroyers and culprit, depending on how the name bearers behave. Even so, women are still a symbol of goodness because what happens to women is also due to cause and effect.

Woman - is that a woman? Women are people who are born out of a desire for men who feel lonely. It is said that the first woman was born from the ribs of the first man named Adam, who was created to accompany him because of the loneliness he felt. This story happened in Heaven, and they were driven out of Heaven because they made one big mistake.

Woman - why is there a woman? Women exist to complete the life of a man, women are the fulcrum of life. A man really needs a woman to continue his offspring. Even so, women do not exist solely to produce humans, but women exist as fulcrums so that the two need each other.

Woman - what is the role of women? Women play an important role in life, not only as explained above. But women also play a protective role. For a woman, a woman can act as a medicine. Cures for all world ills such as depression, depression, stress, and so on. Women also act as anti-bodies, because women always protect a man from habits that can cause disease. What's more, women also play a role as a growth medium, because of the gentle caressing of a woman's hand that someone can grow up, she is called MOM.

Woman - what is the nature of women? The nature of women is to be protected. Because without the woman herself how life feels. Maybe everything will be empty, so take care of women, women are creatures who love soft. He can be directed easily but can also be very hard if mistreated. However, even so, women are not creatures that are easily formed as desired, it is not easy not can not, but must be done slowly because the tenderness of the woman herself is very vulnerable. So you need a soft touch so that he can change without damage.

Every man really needs a woman in his life. Starting from they are small, mature, even old men always need women. Therefore, for all men who are on this earth, you should not treat women as a medium for letting go of their desires, because their existence determines the sustainability of your life, without them what they will become. Therefore respect them and equalize, because among these women there are also your mother and the person whom you will make a companion whom you refer to later as the Wife.

Written By: Dunia Ilmu

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